Top 5 Yoga Asanas For Anti Aging Face and Glowing Skin!

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Here is the popular poses for anti ageing and to get you youth back . In this present world of mental stress and poor lifestyle where the icing on the cake is the dust and pollution, premature ageing is bound to happen. Though we while not realise our body cringes with the crap that we feed it with. If those too early greys and wrinkles are jeopardising you into premature ageing and putting you in awkward silence when someone mistakes you for an age much older than what you are, then this article is just for you.

Yoga, as we all know, is a beautiful form of exercise that feeds our body, mind, and soul and helps it heal naturally.

The blood circulation is improved, and it helps the stress to reduce, thereby bringing back that youthful glow on our skin. Yoga and aging are inversely related. The more you practice yoga, the younger you will look. Here is a list of top anti aging yoga poses that will benefit you immensely.

5 Anti Aging Yoga Asanas To Hide Your premature Age:

1. Simhasana:

Also known as: Lion Pose


  • Helps to improves the blood circulation and reduce the stress levels , especially in the face and nourishes them from inside. Good anti aging face yoga.
  • It smoothness the wrinkles , grey spots and makes a face glow.
  • The nerves of the eyes are stimulated thereby improving the vision.
  • Helps you stay healthy, active and disease-free.

2. Dhanurasana:

Also known as: Bow Pose


  • Improves in the digestion and appetite of a person
  • Eliminates the toxins from the blood which is a sign of a healthy body
  • The hormones are made to balanced, and functions of the pancreas are normalized
  • Eliminates the issues of back pain mainly caused due to wrong sitting postures

3. Matsyasana:

Also known as: Fish Pose


  • This asana will eliminate any arch and help you stand straight.
  • This asana delays ageing and makes you look young and vibrant.
  • This posture improves digestion and keeps constipation at bay.
  • Tension, stress or irritability is relieved and helps one stay fresh and active.
  • Improves in the digestion and appetite of a person

4. Vrikshasana:

Also Known as: Tree Pose


  • Improves the balance and brings stability in the body.
  • This posture will keep you calm and composed.
  • Self-confidence is boosted by practicing this yoga and anti aging asana regularly.
  • Your concentration level is greatly improved, and one is less prone to forget things.

5. Utkatasana:

Also known as: Chair Pose


  • The yoga anti aging benefits is it stimulates the heart and keeps the heart ailments at bay.
  • The abdominal organs are strengthened, and digestion is improved.
  • Your back is strengthened, and your stance and posture are improved.
  • The pose is powerful to keep you motivated to get work down and makes you determined

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